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Tarot Series #1 - The Moon Shawl
$250.00 USD

Inspired by the Lo Scarebo Manga Tarot deck, we are delighted to present The Moon Shawl. In the card a kimono-clad person dances with a polar bear under the moon. The harmony and chaos balance each other out in the moonlight. The kimono is a flaming orange, and there is a deep blue pool at their feet. We love the way this image is so creatively expressed!

This shawl is made primarily from Sand’s textured hand spun yarn, accented with one or two fun commercial yarns. The drape is lovely! This shawl will cuddle around your shoulders for a perfect moon viewing experience regardless of the weather! It is long enough to wrap securely around the shoulders, while being crushable enough to collapse into a comfy oversized scarf for those really chilly nights.

Dimensions: 116” by 21”

Weight: 20 ounces

Materials: Wool, Silk, Cotton

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