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Constellation 2 Handspun Yarn
$50.00 USD

Constellation 2 Handspun Yarn

Constellations galore! This lovely fiber dyed to Abstract Fiber Arts spun into a glorious night sky of jewel tones. This version is a woolen spun yarn that we blended with Firestar for some bright bling! This blend of Targhee wool/Bamboo/silk was carded into rolags for a lofty woolen spin, and then 2 plied to create a fabulous structure for knitting lace. We recommend using a larger needle (US 5-7 or 3.57-4.5 mm) or hook (G or larger) to keep the lofty drape of this yarn.

Materials: 80% Targhee wool/10% Bamboo/10% Silk and finished with touches of Firestar

Structure: 2 ply

Yardage: 490 yards

Weight: 100 gms/ 3.5 oz

Wraps per inch (WPI): approximately 20

Heavy lace to fingering weight; recommended knitting needle sizes 5-7 US (3.75-4.5 mm), or G or larger crochet hook. Recommended weaving sett 10-15 epi.

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